Stories shaped by you
create a deep connection

Eko stories unfold in live action giving the viewer control to adapt the narrative in real-time making the experience explorable, personal, and unique.

lean-in and engage like never before

Hip, young (18-35), and highly engaged, over 80% of viewers interact and steer the story as the video instantly responds to the swipes, gestures and choices they make.

have access to an entirely new medium

Eko is a game-changer when it comes to engagement and retention compared to traditional linear video with click-through and share rates that outperform other forms of media.

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Together we create new entertainment experiences

We bring our audience original shows in partnership with top Hollywood storytellers and innovative independent creators. We are evolving the entertainment landscape from music to comedy, drama, mysteries, thrillers and new genres with the Eko video medium for our audience and your brand.

native advertising

Position your brand within Eko stories

Let us introduce you to the SPARK, creative ad unit for the interactive age that is custom, integrated and authentic to the Eko entertainment experience on mobile, desktop, and expanding soon to SmartTVs and VR.

  • 100% viewable
  • immune to fraud or ad-blockers
  • pay only for results
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branded content

Craft your interactive brand story

Our team shares the same level of creativity used in our original series with brands seeking to produce content of their own. Balance an emotional connection and drive a personalized outcome all within the same experience.

  • original, bespoke content
  • media planning
  • digital distribution
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With the Eko Platform


Creation, design and deployment with the use of graphical web-based tools.


Distributes interactive video that can run anywhere online.


Customizable real-time data on viewer engagement and audience choices.
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We’re proud to work with great partners

“The missing ingredient to our story”

The end product was the rare piece that was beloved by the client, agency, and consumer

Jeremy Kinder / Creative Director

“Helped us bring our idea to life”

The creative guidance helped us make it a reality and the top notch, embedded video player allowed us to leverage the piece on multiple platforms

Jessy Murray / Senior Director / Digital Content

Check out our creative interactive experiences:

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