Native advertising

Go ahead and check out a few examples of our Eko Sparks. These short, fully integrated bursts—unobtrusive but charming and honest ads—present the brand to viewers in a way that is equally creative, relevant and organic to Eko interactive entertainment.

Coke Red | Two Girls

Vitaminwater | Head Explosion

Coke Red | Multiverse

Sprite | Dribble

Coke Red | Spill

Coke Red | Can't Play

Vitaminwater | Swipe

Coke Red | High Five Fail

Branded content

Here you will find an assortment of Eko branded content experiences produced in partnership with our clients. Click to explore the magic of interactive video storytelling and what it means to shape your brand story.

Aloe Blacc - Love Is the Answer

Lincoln teamed up with recording artist Aloe Blacc to create an interactive music video for his new song “Love Is the Answer.” Pick a character to follow, with 5 video streams all in perfect sync.


BMW allows the viewer to select and change the color of an X3 in real-time, with a call to action on the end screen prompting viewers to finish customizing their version of the car.

Subaru | The Big Night

Subaru created a “choose your own adventure” branded entertainment video, shot in the UK. This award winning experience showcases the car's features in a creative and engaging way.


Kate Spade | Perfect Summer Day

Swan Dive or Cannonball? Choose your own path through Kate Spade's summer day.

L'Oréal | Your Hair Adventure

L'Oreal created a how-to video to promote the Advanced Hairstyle product, and to help women match the products to their personal style. Feeling flirty? Playful? Sweet? You choose.

Cotton | Make Today Great

Create your own fashion adventure with an endless selection of styles, showcasing the versatility of Cotton merchandise. Decide how a young woman goes about her day — from morning routines to a night out on the town — choosing what she does, wears, and experiences in a variety of different Cotton outfits and looks.

Tresemme | Girls Night Out

TRESemmé created a fun girls night out adventure.

Aldo + Elle | Give Me Shoes

The surreal high-fashion adventure journeys through the hottest trends, so you can discover how Aldo has a shoe for every look, mood, and moment this season.

Dos Equis

Viewers searched for The Most Interesting Man in the World's Little Black Book for a chance to attend a masquerade party thrown by Dos Equis or to receive a motivational phone call from the Man himself.

Marvel | Coca-Cola

In this digital extension to Coca Cola's Mini Can commercial, the viewer switches between a video of a man playing with his favorite toys, and between his epic vision for how the Hulk and Ant Man fight over a CocaCola can.

Coke & 7-11 | Battle of the Can

An interactive music video for Christina Grimmie’s “Shrug”, showcasing both the Dude and Diva sides of her personality, to promote the company’s special edition Coke cans available at 7/11. Viewers also influence the different layers added to the track as the experience plays out.

Coke | Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day in mind, Coca-Cola created a heartfelt tribute to celebrate a mother’s hard work. Viewers click between points-of-view to watch both from a mother and daughter's perspective and to complete the emotional experience were able to make a free international phone call to their Mom, courtesy of Coke.

Pepsi | 2014 World Cup

An immersive, interactive viewing experience, with a series of original moments for fans to unlock. The experience is put directly into the hands of the fan as they choose to unlock additional content. The video is further customized by IP address: viewers from different countries are each exposed to different variations of the same content.

ESPN | Jon Hamm

An interactive Q&A with Jon Hamm (of Mad Men fame), host of the ESPYs award show - viewers can choose the content and direction of the interview.

That Awkward Moment

The romantic comedy film starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller, and Michael B. Jordan, promoted the movie release with an interactive quiz. Viewers can use the quiz to determine if they are or are not in a relationship with the person they are dating.

Nickelodeon | Dora & Friends

Dora heads to school in the city of Playa Verde, and is joined by new friends. In this video, children explore Dora’s new city, and learn more about the show’s characters.

NBC Universal | Straight Outta Compton

Follow the life and careers of N.W.A’s Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Easy-E in this interactive video experience, following each of their journeys through struggle and success.


Created to promote the upcoming release of the hit comedy on DVD and BluRay, viewers pick from multiple sets of bonus takes from some of the most popular scenes. Pick from the Tech Pack, the American Pack, the Funky Pack, and more. There are even some unrated, NSFW packs.

Nickelodeon | Henry Danger

In the show Henry Danger, Henry lands a part-time job as Kid Danger, a sidekick-in-training to super-crime fighter Captain Man. In this video, young viewers have a chance to audition for the sidekick position... if they can just answer the questions correctly!

WIRED | Joss Stone

The Editor of WIRED UK sits with soul singer, songwriter, and actress Joss Stone. Viewers can ask Joss questions ranging from the inspirations to her songs, to how she dealt with success as a child performer.

Syfy | Z Nation

Viewers join the Z Nation team in search of Murphy in this interactive promo for the sci-fi show’s second season of Syfy. Be careful, because a bad choice could result in being zombified.

MTV | Scream

A suspense-filled choose your own adventure game that places the viewer in MTV’s horror show as the next target of gruesome murderer. Spoiler: you can’t avoid biting the dust, but at least you can prolong the chase and change the ending.

Science & Tech
Shell | #makethefuture

What do Jennifer Hudson, Steve Aoki, Pixie Lott, Luan Santana, Yemi Alade and Tan Wei Wei have in common? They’re united to #makethefuture. Create your own story in Shell's interactive music video, Best Day of my Life, featuring six international artists and seven energy innovations. It celebrates the power of collaboration to #makethefuture and showcases the bright energy ideas to emerge from Shell’s collaboration with young energy entrepreneurs.

Shell | Sound of Energy

In this interactive unfolding pre-roll video ad unit for Shell, viewers can opt into additional content with each interaction.


In a video created to launch the Ultrabook in over 50 global markets, you guide the hero in his time travel adventures with knights, cowboys and martial artists. The video won the 2012 Intel Marketing Innovation Award.This video showcases Interlude’s power in increasing sales. At the end of the video, viewers were invited to shop for a new computer. The click-through-rate on that shopping link was the highest ever on Intel.com.

Pepperidge Farm | Goldfish

In this video series, young viewers are invited to play, replay, and engage Finn and Friends. After viewers are done exploring, they can cast their vote for their favorite Finn and Friends path. The winning choices are then used to create a Goldfish on-air broadcast commercial.

LA Tourism | Let's Get Lost

By adopting a near stream-of-consciousness style storytelling approach, this interactive experience paints a picture of the sights, sounds, smells and tastes Los Angeles presents with the idea that readers “get lost in L.A.” as they engage with the serendipitous series of interesting adventures.

Sam Liccardo | Smart Government

A campaign video by the (then candidate, now elected) Mayor of San Jose. Liccardo touched a wide range of topics voters were interested in, and used Interlude's analytics to better understand his constituencies.